Amazing nature walks in green Delhi! (yes, it's possible)

Unexpected and beautiful nature, fresh air and just one step out of mega city Delhi. These are the ingredients for a wonderful Trek with Jack. From the meeting point we are entering Asola wildlife area with the cars. After parking them at the selected spot the trek starts. The terrain is unique, divers and full of surprises like rocky hills, sand dunes and clear lakes! Average fitness is more than enough, no need to be a sport billy! 
Operates Daily
Starts at Shooting range (main gate) - Tughlakabad Fort
Price ₹ 1000 / € 15
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Highlights ::

Meeting Point ::

Main entrance Shooting Range complex - main entrance (just behind Tughlaqabad Fort)

When on Mehrauli Badarpur Road take the road down south (this road is called the Suraj Kund Road). It's right opposite Tughlaqabad Fort.
This Suraj Kund Road takes you to the shooting range complex (officially called Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range). This is where we meet as it's a well known local landmark. 

Note from Jack ::

What to wear and carry:
Bring drinks and food in your backpack, comfortable walking shoes/sandals, wear a cap/head against the sun and (optional) trousers to protect your legs against thorns (shorts will also do)
The final destination of the Trek is a beautiful lake where we go for a refreshing swim. It’s clear, safe and a fantastic experience! Bring / wear swimming gear. Please note there’s no facility to change your cloths as it’s out in the open.