Raj tour (New Delhi)

Enter the Imperial heart of New Delhi.


The Raj tour is a truly breath-taking ride down Delhi’s more recent history. Starting from the narrow labyrinthine backlanes of Old Delhi, passing through quaint old ‘socialist-style’ quarters of government employees and almost magically landing in the midst of a spectacular view of the Presidential Palace and India Gate encircled by spotless clean, tree-lined wide roads – the Raj Tour is a very stimulating and comprehensive catalogue of the lives of people who make this great capital today. 

Highlights: Delite Cinema - Turkman Gate - Ajmeri Gate - New Delhi station - Pahar Ganj - Connaught Place - Parliament House - Presidential Palace - Rajpath India Gate - Agrasen ki Baoli - Dhobi Ghat - Bengali Sweet House restaurant (breakfast) - Delite Cinema

NOTE: To book this tour online minimum 4 people are required. Our booking system doesn't allow to open this tour with less participants. It will provide you all alternative / available tour(s) as option. If you want to check availability with less than 4 people please contact our office by mail or phone. 


Operates Daily
Timing 06:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Starts at Delite cinema
Price ₹ 1850 / € 25
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Highlights ::

Meeting point ::

We choose the most famous movie house in the old city, Delite Cinema, as our meeting point. Located at Asaf Ali Road near Turkman Gate, one of the remaining entrance gates in Old Delhi. Every driver should know the place! Opposite the cinema is a car parking. Walk inside after crossing the street (few steps down) and follow the lane leading inside the parking area. Once you are there, you can’t miss the orange bicycles. Welcome!

Note from Jack ::

The Raj tour is the most beautiful and green ride that we offer. Starting in Old Delhi to give you an even better feeling of the historical differences of Delhi the tour takes you into New Delhi. Well known by its great monuments like India Gate and Rastrapati Bhavan (presidential Palace).

After designing the Shah Jahan tour and Yamuna tour, both Old Delhi experiences, it was time to cycle into the capital established by the British. Neighbouring the great Mughal capital Shahjahanabad (= Old Delhi) New Delhi was built for the eternal glory of the Indian British Empire. But like so many empires it didn't last that long.

From the moment I left Old Delhi and cycled into the imperial avenues and passed the colonial architecture I was deeply impressed. Feeling small and big at the same time. The most important criteria if a cycle route works out or not are the 'WOW' moments. The Raj tour has these moments for sure. I'm not going to tell you them in advance. I want you to experience these highlights yourself. When you see or feel them, just scream "WOW" loudly! Officially allowed by Jack :-)