Shah Jahan tour (Old Delhi)

Experience Old Delhi, intense and full of history.

The Shah Jahan Tour is DelhiByCycle’s classic recipe for an exhilarating glimpse into the life and times of the great Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan and the 1500 acre expanse of his capital - Shahjahanabad. At the time of its construction in the 17th Century, it was arguably, the most prosperous and beautiful city in the world.
Today, when you pass through its four hundred year old web of alleys held together with great big meshes of electric cables and infused with the smell of brewing tea and simmering breakfast curry, you see a mind boggling co-existence of the past and the future, competing for your attention.
Emerging from this rainforest, thick with traditional architecture- typical of Shah Jahan’s time, you will find yourself in a Delhi of another time while you also see the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, the Spice Market and tranquil Civil Lines, the former British colonial area as a sharp contrast to hectic Old Delhi.

Highlights: Delite Cinema - Turkman Gate - Chawri Bazar - Fatehpuri Masjid - Spice Market - Madras Colony - Civil Lines (chai break) - Old Delhi railway station - Chandni Chowk - Red Fort (from outside) -Jama Masjid (from outside) - breakfast at Karim's restaurant - Delite Cinema


Operates Daily
Timing 06:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Starts at Delite cinema
Price ₹ 1850 / € 25
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Highlights ::

Meeting point ::

We choose the most famous movie house in the old city, Delite Cinema, as our meeting point. Located at Asaf Ali Road near Turkman Gate, one of the remaining entrance gates in Old Delhi. Every driver should know the place! Opposite the cinema is a car parking. Walk inside after crossing the street (few steps down) and follow the lane leading inside the parking area. Once you are there, you can’t miss the orange bicycles. Welcome!

Note from Jack ::

Great choice! The Shah Jahan tour is our classic Old Delhi route, all highlights of Shahjahanabad are included and much more.
Also the tour it all started with. At that time, we are talking about 2009, I was still working as the South Asia correspondent for De Telegraaf (Netherlands' daily newspaper).  Looking for a new challenge in life I started exploring Old Delhi on a bicycle.
It was a total blast! The best experience I ever had. So many impressions, colors, smells, beautiful faces, amazing architecture and great history. All clustered within the century old city walls. Not always easy, sometimes difficult how to deal with poverty and local street life. After cycling for two months I finally designed the best possible route. I gave up my journalism career and jumped into the deep called DelhiByCycle.
A choice I never ever regretted. Hope you will enjoy this tour as much as I did when exploring the streets of Old Delhi.