Yamuna tour (Old Delhi)

Discover the holy river and the magic of Old Delhi.


Behind every historical capital there is a great big river. The route is an ode to this river that has been a silent witness to Delhi’s history and is now a recurrent victim of its excesses. Starting from the little lanes of Shahjahanabad, while the city is still sleepy in its proverbial sockspassing along the magnificently formidable walls of the Red Fort we find ourselves on the meditative quiet banks of the Yamuna at Nigambodh Ghat. A visit to the famous ghats – migratory birds circling above the calm waters - unravels the ritualistic devotion with which the Hindus treat the historic river.
Despite its current struggles with pollution, the Yamuna is a goddess to the eyes of her devotees. Concluding with a memorable view of the Jama Masjid back through the streets of Old Delhi, the Yamuna Route is a true experience in the stimulating contradictions that is India.

Highlights: Delite Cinema - Turkman Gate - Chawri Bazar - Chandni Chowk - Red Fort - Yamuna river (chai/tea break) - St. James Church - Old Delhi railway station - Chandni Chowk - Jama Masjid - breakfast at Karim's restaurant - Delite Cinema

Operates Daily
Timing 06:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Starts at Delite cinema
Price ₹ 1850 / € 25
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Highlights ::

Meeting point ::

We choose the most famous movie house in the old city, Delite Cinema, as our meeting point. Located at Asaf Ali Road near Turkman Gate, one of the remaining entrance gates in Old Delhi. Every driver should know the place! Opposite the cinema is a car parking. Walk inside after crossing the street (few steps down) and follow the lane leading inside the parking area. Once you are there, you can’t miss the orange bicycles. Welcome!

Note from Jack ::

The Yamuna tour might be the tour I cherish most. Not only for being a great Old Delhi cycling experience , the tour is also the company's environmental consciousness.
I remember exploring the Yamuna river banks for the first time. Completely excited to have found a place like this just behind the magnificent Red Fort. Not that I was the first one....Nigambodh Ghat is the ancient cremation ground where life and dead have been together for centuries. It's one of the places where the many souls of Delhi are buried.
Including the Yamuna into the tour experience was an opportunity to share the different stories and angles of this important Delhi life line. The religious importance (worshipped river by hindoes) as well as the environmental aspect. Showing the beauty of the river also means informing our participants (you :-) about the polution level. It's our contribution to make the Yamuna healthy again. By spreading awareness. And  giving you an into depth experience of the soul of Delhi.