Haveli tour (Old Delhi)

Witness the past and present glory of Old Delhi.

The Haveli (=Noblemen’s mansion) tour is a spirited and satiating plunge, straight into the deep-end of Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad). At the peak of Emperor Shah Jahan’s rule, his loyal noblemen (Emirs) controlled the social, cultural and economic affairs of the great metropolis of Shajahanabad from their imposing, fortress-like lavish mansions that were built as ‘earthly reminders of the pleasures of Paradise itself’. Three hundred years of decadence, war, re-building and several regime changes later, the much smaller Havelis of today still manage to preserve a stunningly placid beauty that echoes haunting reminders of a much grander past.
Transporting you to this 17th Century city of decadent Emirs, ruthless Persian invaders, woeful poets, mystical men, masterful artists and forgotten architects who wove dreams into the now crumbling contours of Old Delhi – we recreate for you, a spectacularly evocative experience pieced together through the lives and stories of the people who called these Havelis home.

Highlights: Delite Cinema - Turkman Gate - Jama Masjid - Chandni Chowk - View Point (Red Fort) -  Lajpat Rai Market - Old Delhi train station - Sadar Bazar - G.B. Road - Ballimaran - Haveli (breakfast) - Turkman Gate - Delite Cinema


Operates Daily
Timing 06:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Starts at Delite cinema
Price ₹ 1850 / € 25
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Highlights ::

Meeting point ::

We choose the most famous movie house in the old city, Delite Cinema, as our meeting point. Located at Asaf Ali Road near Turkman Gate, one of the remaining entrance gates in Old Delhi. Every driver should know the place! Opposite the cinema is a car parking. Walk inside after crossing the street (few steps down) and follow the lane leading inside the parking area. Once you are there, you can’t miss the orange bicycles. Welcome!

Note from Jack ::

The Haveli tour is our most complete Old Delhi experience. And I just re-designed the whole route this summer as I believed some great parts of the Old City should have been included in the previous route. The feedbacks are amazing, all participants love the renewed Haveli tour.
This tour is an overwhelming dip into the labyrinth of small lanes and markets which gives you a true understanding of the (heritage) life in the old city.
The Haveli tour also gives you an insight how Shahjahanabad (city of Moghul emporor and the city's founder Shah Jahan) transferred from a wealthy capital in the 17th century into a fragmented city searching for a lost identity. How the Mughal rulers lost their powers and how the British reshaped Old Delhi as we know it today. 
At the time of designing this route I got lost a million times even though I knew the little streets pretty well. And I loved it! Roaming around for months in this completely different world with it's centuries old culture and diversity of people was the most satisfying experience I had with setting up DelhiByCycle. 
What makes this tour special are ingredients like the rooftop visit with an astonishing view of Chandni Chowk (main street of Old Delhi), the Red Fort and to have breakfast in a beautiful Haveli after which the tour has been named. A complete Old Delhi street experience. 
And that's what I want to offer you. Making you a Delhiite for the duration of the tour!